Rare Antique Orrery Made in 1856 by Delamarche

Rare Antique Orrery Made in 1856 by Delamarche


Rare and particularantique orrery made in 1856 and attributable to Delamarche, made for the foreign market. On a turned and ebonized wooden base it is mounted a system consisting of two circles made of papier mache with signs of the solstices and equinoxes and a horizontal paper circle printed by engraving on copper plate with the months of the year and the zodiac signs finely decorated. Within these circles there is the reproduction of the Earth made of papier mache and of the Moon made of wood that can

rotate through a system of gears around the Sun, represented by a gilded brass sphere. Under the Sun sphere there are brass arms with different lengths: to the ends of them they are fixed some cardboard discs printed with the names of the planets of the solar system: Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercure, Venus; on another disc they are printed the names of 42 telescopic planets known up to 1856. On cardboard discs that represent the planets there are also the rotation time around the Sun and the ecliptic path of each planet. Very good condition, it has been cleaned.


Height 42 cm

Diameter 25 cm.

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